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Clarksville Stormwater Rates

In order to fairly distribute the cost of operating the Clarksville Stormwater Department, the Town has based its fees on an impervious surface charge. To simplify this, the Town developed an "Equivalent Residential Unit" or ERU. This was done by averaging the impervious surfaces on 100 homes located in all sections of the Town. The current ERU is 2,527 square feet of impervious surface. The current rate is $6.00 per home.

Commercial, industrial, and institutional fees are determined by dividing their actual impervious area by 2,527 to determine the total numbers of ERU: The first ERU is $6.00 each subsequent ERU is $3.45.

*The documents below are listed in Adobe PDF format and require Adobe PDF Reader to view. If you need the viewer, please click here.

Construction Site Inspector Fees Ordinance No. 2010-SW-01.pdf

Illicit Discharges Ordinance No. 2004-SW-01.pdf

Rates Ordinance No. 2004-SW-03.pdf

Urban Construction Site Runoff Ordinance No. 2004-SW-02.pdf

Urban Construction Site Runoff Ordinance No. 2004-SW-04.pdf

Post-Construction 2005-SW-Ordinance 03.pdf