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TO: All Contractors, Developers, and Water Quality Management Permit Holders

Re: Qualified Professional Inspector Certification and Licensure.

In accordance with Town Ordinance No. 2004-SW-02, Section 5- Inspections and Maintenance, all Rule 13 Sites requiring a "Water Quality Management Permit," must perform self inspections. These inspections are to be performed by a Qualified Professional Inspector. Section 5.4 of Ordinance No. 2004-SW-02, requires that all Qualified Professional Inspectors pass a written exam approved by the Town of Clarksville prior to being licensed with the Town.

All Current Projects holding Rule 13 Water Quality Permits from the Town of Clarksville must designate in writing, a licensed, Qualified Professional Inspector for their project to the Clarksville Stormwater Department on or before September 15, 2010 to prevent possible enforcement action.

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